Wurth Electronics extends the REDCUBE product line by adding threaded SMT WP-SMRA right Angle connectors for critical USB applications

Published:2022-04-13 Author:Mass Power

Waldenburg (Germany), April 11, 2022 -- Wurth Electronics has begun offering a new surface-mount welding product, WP-SMRA, for wire-to-board and board-to-board connections, enabling 90° assembly to front panels, housings, PCBS and connection cables.Wp-smra is a high current terminal, which belongs to the REDCUBE product family and is mainly used for automatic assembly.The version that uses M2 threads is intended for special applications: it can be used in conjunction with wurth Electronics' Type-C USB mother for a screw-fixed USB connection.Because such connections are more reliable, they are used in many industrial applications.

USB Type-C connectors, which are secured with screws to prevent accidental disconnections, are becoming increasingly popular in industrial applications.Wurth Electronics' SMT assembled M2 WP-SMRA connector provides developers with an easy-to-implement solution and a reference design.

Wp-smra is in stock without moQ.Wurth Electronics can provide free samples to developers upon request.

Use one WP-SMRA and one USB-C single thread configuration.Wp-smra can be used with PCBS that are 1.0 mm and 1.6 mm thick.