Dau Yousun Group has introduced the 130W ACF GALLIum nitride NB PD power adapter solution based on the Diodes product

Published:2022-04-22 Author:Mass Power

On April 19, 2022, United Nations Holdings, a leading distributor of semiconductor components in the Asia Pacific market, announced that its subsidiary, Ufsun, has launched a 130W ACF GAN NB PD power adapter solution based on Diodes AP3306, APR340 and AP43771V chips.

                               Figure 1- Display board view of the 130W ACF GALLIum nitride NB PD power adapter solution based on the Diodes product

Mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other portable electronics are evolving beyond our imagination, and one of the most disruptive technologies is fast charging.In recent years, benefiting from the development of power devices and PD fast charging protocol, the high power adapter scheme ushered in a period of rapid innovation, from the initial 18W to 45W and then to 65W, each time the power rise, the fast charging function has been significantly improved.In the future, driven by multiple technologies, high power adapters will occupy the mainstream position in the field of consumer power.In order to speed up the research and development of high-power adapters for major manufacturers, Dayan Yousun has launched the 130W ACF GALLIum Nitride NB PD power adapter solution based on Diodes, which can simultaneously provide charging requirements for mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Founded in 1966, Dahl Technologies (Diodes) manufactures and supplies discrete, logic and analog semiconductor products for a wide range of industrial, communications and automotive markets.The AP3306, APR340 and AP43771V chips used in this scheme are Diodes high performance products.

The core of the scheme is composed of four main controllers UCC28056, AP3306, APR340 and AP43771V.UCC28056B is a transition mode booster PFC controller.The AP3306 is a highly integrated active clamp flyback (ACF) controller optimized for off-line power to meet the requirements of ultra-low standby power consumption, high power density and comprehensive protection.APR340 is a secondary side synchronous rectifier (SR) controller, which can be used as a synchronous secondary side MOSFET driver in DCM operation rectification, effectively reduce the power consumption of the secondary side rectifier and provide high performance.

The AP43771V is a protocol decoder responsible for matching the relevant charger capacity and connection to the request of the equipped Type C charging device (DUC).It is compatible with Qualcomm®QC4/4+/QC5 protocol, supports USB power specification Rev3.0 V1.2 (including optional PPS support), and functions in the solution to adjust the charger's feedback network to meet the voltage and current requirements of the DUC.

                            Figure 2- Block diagram of the 130W ACF GALLIum nitride NB PD power adapter solution based on the Diodes product

In addition, gallium nitride (GaN) FET is also adopted in this scheme to further improve the charging efficiency.By combining the above devices, we can provide high cost performance and high power density solutions for consumer electronic adapters, keeping the products unique advantages in the market competition.

Core technical advantages:

Efficient BOM optimization for optimal system implementation of high power density chargers

The method of improving efficiency by ACF topology is realized by Ds353a patent.

High voltage start and low standby power consumption;

Meet DOE VI and COC Tier 2 efficiency requirements;

USB Type-C output cable: supports PD 3.0 with a maximum output of 130W.

AP3306 features

Active clamped flyback topology with leakage energy recovery and zero-voltage switching capabilities;

High pressure start;

Embedded VCC LDO for VCCL pins to ensure a wide range of output voltages;

Constant, low output current when output short circuit;

Quasi resonant control of non audible noise;

Soft start during startup;

Frequency reversal to achieve high average efficiency;

Short circuit protection of secondary winding with FOCP;

Used to reduce EMI frequency jitter;

X-cap discharge function;

Useful pin fault protection: SENSE pin floating protection /FB/ opto-coupler open/short circuit protection;

Comprehensive system protection: VOVP/OLP/BNO/SOVP/SUVP0.

APR340 main features

Synchronous rectification is suitable for DCM/QR/ACF operation mode;

Eliminate resonant ringing interference;

Use minimal external components.

AP43771V main features

Support USB PD Rev 3.0 V1.2;

Usb-if PD3.0/PPS authentication TID 4312;

Qualcomm QC5 certification: QC20201127203;

MTP for system configuration;

OTP of main firmware;

Operating voltage range: 3.3V to 21V;

Built-in regulator for CV and CC control;

Programmable OVP/UVP/OCP/OTP;

Support power saving mode;

External N-MOSFET control for VBUS power supply;

Support e-marker cable detection;

W - DFN3030-14.

Scheme specification:

Power Main specifications

Input voltage range: 90Vac~264Vac;

Enter Standby Power: less than 100mW.

Main output voltage specification: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/ 6.5a;

Efficiency: CoC Version 5 Tier-2;

Maximum output power: 130W (20V/ 6.5a);

Protection types: OCP, OVP, UVP, OLP, OTP, SCP;

Dimensions: PCB size 125mm*55mm*30mm