Wurth Electronics extends its MagI³C-FDSM-36-V series with a 12V output voltage version, replacing the power module of the L78x linear regulator

Published:2022-05-11 Author:Mass Power

Waldenburg (Germany), 09 May 2022 -- The product range of MagI³C-FDSM power modules with 36 V input voltage has been expanded to now include a 12 V output voltage version.Power modules in THE SIP-3 package are an economical and efficient solution to meet the voltage transients requirements of 24 V industrial power architectures in real-world environments.The new modules operate at 16 to 36 VIN with A fixed output voltage of 12 V and current up to 1 A.

FDSM series MagI³C power modules are fully integrated DC/DC voltage converters with fixed output voltage.The module contains all required components such as controllers, inductors and input/output capacitors, as well as overheating and short circuit protection.Since it works without any external components, there is little need for circuit design.This reduces development costs and enables new products to be brought to market quickly.The power module has an efficiency of about 95%, while the linear regulator has an efficiency of about 50%.Easy to install standard THT housing is compatible with L78x linear regulator pins.

Prior compliance testing indicates that the radiation and conduction of the evaluation board are below the EMC standard EN55032/CISPR32 Class B limits.