Max is on the public list!Dongkeng national special special special new "little giant" will reach 3

Published:2022-08-12 Author:Mass Power

Recently, the fourth batch of national specialized special new "little giant" enterprises list has been released, is now entering the final stage of publicity, located in Dongkeng Mass-power Electronics Co., Ltd. on the list.This means that Dongkeng will add a new state-level "little giant" enterprise, the town will have three state-level "LITTLE giant" enterprises, and one state-level "little giant" enterprise.

It is understood that specialized special new enterprises mainly refers to focus on market segmentation, innovation ability, quality and efficiency, high market share, master the key core technology enterprises.The "small giant" enterprise is the highest level of specialized and special new enterprises, with small accessories containing high technology, small enterprises to support large supporting facilities, small industries into big undertakings and other characteristics, in the industrial foundation of the advanced, industrial chain modernization plays an important role.

's the list of Mass-power electronics co., LTD., is a digital energy, server power supply, industrial power supply, consumption power of research and development, production and sales of enterprises, the company's mastery of core technology power manufacturing, technical level and technical innovation to obtain recognition from all walks of life, products all through the world security, electromagnetic compatibility and the energy efficiency certification, sold to the global market,Is the current domestic power industry more competitive and influential enterprises.Since taking root in Dongkeng, with the support of Dongkeng Town government, the company has been growing and developing continuously. The company attaches special importance to scientific and technological innovation, establishes a separate research and development center, has a professional research and development team, more than 230 research and development personnel, and the growth rate of research and development investment reaches 37.38%.The company was identified as a "national high-tech enterprise" in 2017, selected as a pilot enterprise of Dongguan "Doubling Plan" in 2019, and selected as a "specialized, fine, special and new" enterprise in Guangdong Province in 2020.

In recent years, Dongkeng Town has focused on high-end industries such as new-generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy and new materials, and conducted in-depth research and selected a number of enterprises in emerging industries such as electronic information, electrical machinery manufacturing, new energy and new materials.Reserve a number of enterprises with leading technology in the industry, intellectual property advantages, strong innovation ability and good growth potential;We will explore a number of enterprises with the potential of single champion in the industry market, and establish a "specialized, refined, special and new" enterprise cultivation database.

For the enterprises that enter the warehouse, Dongkeng implements the one-to-one service of the main leaders of the town, the linkage of towns and villages, and the coordination mechanism of departments, improves the enterprise service system of "specialized, refined, special and new", implements the "one enterprise with one policy", and actively carries out special services such as bank-enterprise connection, power supply guarantee, labor cooperation and exchange.We will try our best to help enterprises reduce the cost of financing, logistics and other operating costs as well as the cost of production factors such as land use and energy use, so as to create a first-class growth environment for the development and expansion of enterprises.