National Technology N32 chips into the field of outdoor energy storage

Published:2022-11-03 Author:Mass Power

Xiaomi recently unveiled its first outdoor power supply, which uses a ring-shaped aluminum frame inside that combines with stamped sheet metal to create a sturdy body.At the same time, the inner core components are independent shell, the structure is safe and reliable.Power supply built-in 1022Wh large capacity lithium battery pack, cycle life of up to 1000 times, and passed the needle test.The battery pack adopts a sealed structure with IP67 protection capability.

Outdoor power supply built-in bidirectional inverter, support 1800W output power, self-charging time only 1.5 hours, greatly enhance the use of experience.Where alternating current is not available, solar panels can be used for charging.At the same time, it also supports 100W PD charging, and supports the phone to connect to outdoor power supply through APP to know the running status.

The exterior of Mijia Outdoor Power Supply 1000Pro adopts a simple and elegant white shell with black panel design. The layout of the front and rear ends of the interfaces presents a symmetrical aesthetic feeling, and some interfaces are stored and hidden by cover plates.The fuselage is made of V0 environment-friendly flame retardant material, and the bottom is made of soft support mat, which can absorb impact force and prevent slip.

The front end of the body can see a large functional display screen, the main switch on, USB module switch on, Bluetooth wake up/reset button.The DC module switch on key, restart button, DC output interface A and B, and car charge output interface are hidden in the lower cover.

When the display screen is opened, you can take a snapshot. You can see the battery display, remaining time, Bluetooth, AC charging and discharging status, AC charging quick charging prompt, warning, temperature, charging power and discharging power ICONS, with rich functions.

The other end is equipped with LED lighting and corresponding control buttons, 4 AC output sockets and AC module switch on.The solar/DC input interface, AC charging switch button, light tone mode indicator, quick charge mode indicator, overcurrent protection switch and AC charging interface are arranged inside the cover.

National Technology high performance MCU solution unveiled

Three MCUS of national technology are used in the outdoor power supply of Xiaomi for the control of DC and MPPT function modules in the machine.


Outdoor power main control MCU from Nations National technology, model N32G455VEL7, is a built-in M4F core MCU, the highest frequency up to 144MHz, support floating point arithmetic and DSP instruction.The chip integrates 512KB Flash and 144KB SRAM, has 4 built-in 12-bit ADCs, 7 USART interfaces, 3 SPI interfaces, 4 I2C interfaces and USB interfaces, and adopts LQFP100 package.


National technology N32G455VEL7 support -40~105℃ temperature range, support 1.8~3.6V power supply voltage, MCU built-in password algorithm hardware acceleration engine, support a variety of international and national secret algorithm hardware acceleration, can be used as the core processor of equipment, to meet multiple hardware connection, widely used.This MCU is used for screen display control and overall function management


Another smaller MCU from National technology, model N32G031K8L7, is a built-in M0 core MCU, the main frequency up to 48MHz, internal integration of 64 KB Flash and 8 KB SRAM, built-in 12-bit ADC, operational amp and analog comparator, with three USART interface,Two SPI interfaces and two I2C interfaces.For use with N32G455VEL7.


N32G031 series MCU support -40~105℃ temperature range, support 1.8~5.5V supply voltage, support a variety of power consumption modes, can meet the needs of low power applications, suitable for mobile devices, home appliance applications, motor control and battery management application scenarios.


One of the MCU applied in the MPPT module is from national technology, model N32G031K8L7, consistent with the MCU model of DC module.Through the built-in ADC, the output voltage and current of solar cells are sampled, and the output control of voltage lifting circuit is carried out according to the built-in algorithm, so as to realize the ideal utilization of solar cells and shorten the charging time.

Summary of charging head net

Outdoor power supply is mainly composed of the built-in battery, MPPT module, bidirectional inverter module and dc output module and other module units, various modules need built-in MCU state acquisition, control and communication and protection functions, compared with the small power of mobile power supply, the power of the large number of MCU used in outdoor, and also have certain requirements on performance,It brings a new business opportunity to the MCU market.

National technology was established in 2000, 2010 GEM listed, is China's general MCU, security chip leader, is a national high-tech enterprise, with the first independent security chip attack and defense technology laboratory, postdoctoral research workstation.National Technology is headquartered in Shenzhen and has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xi 'an, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and other places.

National Technologies offers universal MCU products, security chip products, smart cards, wireless connectivity products, trusted computing and total solutions.National technology N32 series MCU products after rapid development, has formed 16 product sequences, more than 100 mass production models, product planning to cover CortexM0, M4, M7 and other 32-bit full-line products, national technology has become a leading domestic general MCU supplier.

The N32 series MCU has been widely used by benchmarking customers in consumer electronics (including medical), home appliances, industrial, motor control, BMS power management, automotive electronics, Internet of Things and other industrial applications.