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Develop and introduce PLM system to realize the whole process management of products from design to manufacturing.

In the design stage, simulation software such as circuit simulation, magnetic simulation, motion simulation and thermal analysis are widely used for front-end analysis. Complete new product development management process and self built laboratory (covering EMC test, environmental test, environmental protection test, reliability test and physical / chemical test of components) can ensure the rapid test and rectification in the design stage, which will greatly shorten the development cycle and effectively improve the design quality and one-time success rate. Also, the complete laboratory equipment also ensures the timeliness of sampling inspection and anomaly analysis in mass production stage.

Mass Power has continuously increased its R & D investment, established Guangdong High Performance Power Technology Research Center and Guangdong Engineering Center, obtained a number of invention patents with the core technology of power manufacturing, constantly improved the product system, and established long-term and stable cooperative relations with Global well-known customers in fields  such as servers, new energy, information, audio-vedio, household appliances, lighting, education, medical treatment and so on.

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