About us

Mass Power continuously improves the level of intelligent manufacturing to meet the production goal of cost reduction and efficiency increase. It constructed a strong professional team, introduced 30 automatic lines and 5 halogen-free automatic lines, with an annual production capacity of 120 Million units a year, and advanced towards Industry 4.0 with an average annual growth rate of 40% ~ 50%, so as to lead the intelligent manufacturing of power source industry.

In terms of production and intelligent manufacturing, the company self-developed ERP/Enterprise Resource Planning System, EMS/Equipment Management System, OA/Office Automation System, MES/Manufacturing Execution and Traceability System, and various equipment-intelligent sensor integration technology to realize real-time transmission, real-time monitoring, real-time control, real-time adjustment, timely early warning, timely stop / start, timely line change and timely maintenance.

In terms of quality control, it realizes the management by whole process quality refinement system from product design, supplier guidance, material procurement, production and manufacturing, delivery inspection to after-sales service. 

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